The Edelweiss was the third Serge panel I built and is a clone of the Random Source panel of the same name. This was originally created as a DIY build and so I was able to follow the original build documents found on the Mod Wiggler build thread.

All the PCBs were bought from Elby Designs with the exception of the power distribution board mentioned in previous builds.

Edelweiss Front Edelweiss wiring

Similarly to the BOG build, PCBs are supported on an aluminium frame held in place place by small brackets and stand-offs.


When I designed the front panels, I made a mistake and thought that the Rate input on the Smooth/Stepped and Random Source modules was an attenuverter, but it turns out that this isn't the case. To rectify this (and add a bit of functionality) I designed a PCB to keep a dedicated attenuverter circuit based on the Kassutronics Precision Attenuverter circuit. This allows for a finer control around the centre position of the potentiometer.

Edelweiss SSG attenuverter