Serge PSU

The first power supply I built for the Serge panels suffered from being underpowered, resulting in the voltages on the rails falling.

I decided that for the time being, the best plan was to just use a pre-built eurorack supply, mount it in a custom enclosure, and build the necessary wiring to have it work with the 4 pin power connectors I had.

I have a Koma STROM supply in my eurorack, and because it has a Molex socket on the back for connecting to bus boards, I knew I could use it without having to solder anything to it.

Serge PSU faceplate

The faceplate has the holes required by the STROM, and the 4 pin power sockets, as well as a grounding socket, some 1/8 inch to banana jack converters, and a line/headphone output.

The headphone output still hasn't been built, and the lineout is really just a direct connection, so leaves a little to be desired.

Serge PSU wiring

The internal connections for the power are all done via a small bus-board with blade connectors.