Serge R6 Gate/RingMod

This module is a version of the original Serge R6 Gate/Ring Modulator circuit, which is from the original paperface era systems. The circuit is shown on the site which documents a lot of the early circuits and information.

Like the original circuit, this version can be switched to be either the Gate or the RingMod when being built by adding or leaving a few components and soldering some jumpers. The version shown here is built as the Gate.

R6 Gate Front

R6 Gate Back

R6 Gate Side


The only instructions I've found for trimming the circuit are on Dave Brown's site on his refurb of a Serge system. I've found it to be a bit finicky, but it's working well enough to use.

Build Files

I've made all the files for this open and licensed under Creative Commons, though of course original credit for the circuit lies with Serge.

The Kicad Project files with schematic, layout and gerbers are available here

All the design and layout files for the VCA panel are up here and the Ring Mod panel I designed is here


Would like to sort out proper BOM files for ease of building